1. Carcinoma of the Auricle and Temporal Bone (P.).

2. Lupus Vulgaris of the Auricle (P.).

3. Carcinoma of the Auricle and Temporal Bone. (P). -Left ear of a man forty-six years of age who had suffered from aural discharge. The carcinoma extended into the body of the temporal bone.

4. Acquired Stricture of the External Auditory Meatus. (B.). -Left ear of a man who had been run over by a wagon in early childhood. Immediately behind the opening of the auditory meatus is a connetiove-tissue septum stretched across the canal like a diaphragm, with a round opening that admits a sound the size of a pin-head. He can hear whispered conversations at a distance of three meters.

5. Othematoma of the Auricle (B.). -The tumor developed without any ascertainable cause in the fossa triangularis of a man twenty-three years of age.

6. Spontaneous Cure of an Othematoma (B.). -Ear of a man thirty-six years of age afflicted with paralytic dementia, who had had an othematoma several years before. The triangular foss and the anti-helix are disfigured by atrophy of the cartilage and cicatricial contraction.