MODEM: While not an integral component of the VO system. A high speed; i.e. 14.4k - 28.8k baud modem can be used to transmit VO data as E-Mail attachments to the offices of physicians and colleagues who are similarly equipped. Wide area network connections allow for contemporaneous transmission of VO data from remote locations. The modem also facilitates contact with VO hardware and software manufacturers for technical support by E-mail and by the Internet World Wide Web. Reference text and images may be downloaded from WWW resource sites.

28.8kB internal FAX / MODEM card.

Internet access may be secured through national ISP networks such as AOL or CompuServ or through local ISP providers.

Faster access may be gained using (more costly) ISDN phone connections (64-128kB). Emerging Internet access resources include ATT (28.8kB) ; local TV fiber optic cable companies (promising 500 kB download and 28.8kB upload) and satellite transmission companies (same speeds as cable TV).

As more physicians and hearing health professionals become webwise, the inter-professional transmission of VO images will become a standard tool for clinical data exchange.

Roy F. Sullivan, Ph.D.