Image Format / Video Printer


The image format / video printer greatly enhances the capabilities of the basic VO system.

Sony image format / labeling / video printer with two foot pedals and hand-held infra-red remote control

Panasonic image format video printer with dual control foot pedal and hand-held infra-red remote control

A video printer adds the following capabilities to the basic VO system:

Polaroid prints average about $0.75 per print which may contain 1, 2 or 4 clinically useable images.

Images may be capture one / photo or may be formatted and cut into two or four images.

The figure below shows a Polaroid VO photograph which has been formatted to display two images each of the right and left tympanic membranes in a single exposure. The author has created a print-sized 4" by 5.75" computer-generated cover label containing information about the image (Fig. A), which is stapled over the face of the photoprint for transmission to the primary care and/or ENT physician.

(A) Polaroid process VO photoprint showing four image print format; bilateral large, dry central perforations; upper images / right ear; lower images / left ear. (B) Photo-size transmittal form containing information about the image(s) for the physician.

Roy F. Sullivan, Ph.D.

Generally, video printers only accept input from analog video sources. A special video (capture) card with analog output is required to use a video printer for reproducing computer-stored images.