2-External auditory meatus
3-Parotid gland
4-Parotid duct
5-Masseter muscle
6-Superficial temporal artery and
7-Auriculo-temporal nerve M
8-Sterno-cleido-mastoid muscle
    8a Trapezius muscle
9-Mastoid process of skull
10-Great auricular nerve
         (2d and 3d cervical)
11-Lesser occipital nerve
         (2d and 3d cervical)
12-Jugular vein
    12a external
    12b internal
13-Facial (external maxillary) artery
14-Facial vein
    14a anterior
    14b posterior
15-Transverse facial artery
16-Cartilage of auricle and of
         meatus (16a)
17-Mandibular joint
    17a articular fossa and eminence
    17b head of mandible
    17c articular disc
18-Maxillary air sinus
19-Temporalis muscle
20-Inferior dental (alveolar) artery
21-Inferior dental (alveolar) nerve
22-Posterior superior dental
        V (alveolar) artery and nerve
23-Lateral (external) pterygoid
    23a upperhead
    23b lower head
24-Medial (interal) pterygoid
25-Carotid artery
    25a external
    25b internal
26-Intemal maxillary artery
27-Maxillary arterial branch for
        muscles of mastication
28-Buccal nerve and artery
29-Middle meningeal artery
         or branches
30-Accessory meningeal artery
31-Maxillary nerve (V)
32-Mandibular nerve (V)
33-Deep temporal branches of
         mandibular nerve (motor V)
34-Lingual nerve (V)
35-Chorda tympani nerve (V, VII)
36-Infraorbital foramen, nerve (V)
         and artery
37-Maxilla or upper jawbone
38-Mandible or lower jawbone
    38a body
    38b ramus
39-Lateral pterygoid plate of sphenoid bone
40-Inferior labial artery
41-Submandibular ductv 42-Submandibular ganglion
43-Submandibular gland
44-Sublingual gland
45-Common facial vein
46-Upper deep cervical lymph glands
47-Temporal surface of skull
48-Buccinator muscle
49-Otic ganglion
50-Nerve for tensor muscle of soft palate
51-Greater, or descending, palatine artery and palatine nerve
52-Orbital contents: eyeball, muscles, etc.
53-Ophthalmic nerve (V)
54-Ungual artery
55-Tensor muscle of soft palate
56-Levator muscle of soft palate
57-Posterior auricular artery
58-Temporal bone of skull
59-Digastric muscle
59a anterior belly;
59b inter-mediate tendon;
59c posterior belly)
60-Spheno-mandibular ligament
61-Styloid process of skull
62-Stylo-glossal muscle
63-Stylo-hyoid muscle
64-Stylo-hyoid ligament
65-Stylo-mandibular ligament
66-Stylo-mastoid artery
67-Stylo-pharyngeal muscle
68-Hyo-glossal muscle
69-Hyoid bone
70-Superior constrictor muscle of pharynx
71-Pterygo-mandibular raphC-
72-Mylo-hyoid muscle
73-Ascending palatine artery and vein
74-Tonsilar artery and vein
75-Orbit, or socket of eye
76-Lacrimal sac
77-Ethmoidal labyrinth (or e. air cells)
78-Frontal bone sinus
79-Maxillary hiatus
80-Sphenaidal bone
81-Tympanic membrane, or drumskin
82-Tympanic cavity, or eardrum
83-Tympanic antrum, or "cave"
84-Auditory ossicles (hammer, anvil, stirrup)
85-Internal ear: vestibule
86-Internal ear: cochlea
87-Pharyngo-tympanic tube of Eustachius
(87a osseousportion;
87b cartilaginous portion,
87c tympanic ostium;
87d isthmus;
87e pharyngeal ostium;
88-Nasal concha, or turbinate bone
(88a superior;
88c inferior)
89-Tensor muscle of tympanic membrane
90-Nerve of pterygoid canal (Vidian nerve)
91-Sphenoidal air sinus
92-Spheno-palatine ganglion
93-Spheno-ethmoidal recess
94-Semilunar hiatus, or ethmoidal. infundibulum
95-Ethmoidal bulla cell
96-Agger nasi cell, or ridge cell of nose
97-Nasal bone
98-Nasal cartilage
99-Naso-lacrimal duct
100-Ascending pharyngeal artery and/or vein
102-Cervical sympathetic trunk and/or superior ganglion
103-Hard palate
104-Soft palate, or palatine veil
105-Palatine tonsil
106-Occipital artery
107-Superior thyroid artery
108-Comitant vein of hypoglossal nerve
109-Hypophysis, or pituitary gland
110-Palato-glossal muscle and arch
1ll-Palato-pharyngeal muscle and arch.
112-Salpingo-pharyngeal muscle and fold
113-Genio-glossal muscle
114-Gerxio-hyoid muscle
118-Splenius capitis muscle
119-Bulge of transverse process of atlas vertebra
120-Cervical nerves, or roots
121-Occipital bone of skull.
122-Vertebral artery
123-Foramen magnum of skull
124-Vertebral canal
125-Denticulate ligament
126-Atlas, or first cervical vertebra 127-Axis, or second cervical vertebra (epistropheus)
128-Third cervical vertebra
129-Basilar venous sinus
130-Occipital venous sinus
131-Petrosal venous sinus
(131a superior;
131b inferior)
132-Sigmoid venous sinus
133-Transverse venous sinus
134-Attachment of dural tentorium
135-Anterior cranial fossa
136-Middle cranial fossa
137-Posterior cranial fossa
138-Naso-pharyngeal tonsil
139-Anterior meningeal artery
140-Anterior arteries of nasal septum
141-Nasal septum, or n. partition
142-Uvulo. of soft palate
143-Spinal cord
144-Fibro-cartilaginous intervertebral discs
I -Olfactory bulb or nerves
II -Optic or visual, nerve
III -Oculomotor nerve
IV -Trochlear or pulley nerve
V -Trigeminal nerve
VI -Abducent nerve
VII -Facial nerve
VIII-Octavus or eighth [auditory, auditory-vestibular, stato-acoustic] nerve
VIIIa vestibular branch
VIIIb cochlear branch)
IX -Glossopharyngeal nerve
X -Vagus nerve
XI -[Spinal] Accessory nerve
XII -Hypoglossal nerve
A. Mastoid air cells
B. Sphenoid sinus
C. Maxillary sinus
D. Ethmoid sinus
E. Frontal sinus
F. Eustachian tube
G. Torus tubarius
H. Ostium